Rollac Shutter Operations

You can choose among four methods of operating
Rollac shutters.

Raise and lower shutters manually by pulling a polypropylene strap that's 0.55" (14mm) wide and 0.05" (1.2mm) thick. A strap box mounted on the wall or optionally in the wall contains a spring loaded wheel to take up the slack when the shutter is raised. Lifting capacity of the strap box: approximately 25 pounds.
Crank Operated Pull-Strap
A reduction gear and crank for the strap allows you to raise and lower heavier shutters. Lifting capacity: approximately 60 pounds.
A Geared Controller with Crank
No strap is involved in this system. Instead, a metal rod links the shutters with a gear box affixed to the shutter system. This arrangement allows you to handle significantly heavier shutters. The gears are available in various reductions (1:5, 1:7, 1:8, 1:10, 1:11, 1:13 and 1:15) and materials (Zomac metal, aluminum and plastic.) One crank can be sued for numerous shutters. The crank is removable and can be stored out of sight. Lifting capacity: approximately 88 pounds.
Push a button and the shutters lift or lower automatically. Motorized control offers the most flexibility. The switches can be operated with keys or numerical keypads. Timers can be set for seven days in advance. Sun and wind sensors can control the shutters. You can even use a computer and modem for control. The shutters can be operated all at once, by zones or individually. The possibilities are unlimited! Lifting capacity: approximately 350 pounds. Motor specifications: 120V 60Hz single phase drawing a maximum of 3.8 amps and 430 watts.
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